Hall of Fame plaque for the baseball team
Team members standing together at a reunion

One Magical Season 1965 FC Baseball – Download the story below of the 1965 Fern Creek High School Baseball Team!

Hall of Fame Baseball Team Acceptance Speech by Austin Byers:

Thank you for recognizing this significant achievement by the 1964-65 “Creekers” baseball team. We are grateful for this induction into the FCHS Hall of Fame.

I have such great memories of this baseball team and our great season and talking with these guys the past two days I see they do too.

I remember:
  • the trips for A & W root beer after wins.
  • having to drive, or get a ride, to the away games – no team bus.
  • the excitement we all felt during the three no-hitters pitched by Tony Murphy and Bob Dorwart.
  • the magic run of seven straight tournament wins.
  • the “agony of defeat” in the final game. We were “this close!” Possibly one play difference.
  • We played “small ball.” I remember the squeeze bunts, stolen bases and mostly walks, singles and occasional double that characterized our team. We usually beat teams by superior pitching and manufacturing runs, not slugging. (The one exception may have been Bill Devine’s awesome – bases loaded – triple against Flaget in the opening regional game.)
  • Finally, and maybe most importantly, I remember a team “heart” that exhibited “we don’t quit, we don’t ever give up.” When Joey Bailey broke his finger playing shortstop, he didn’t back off – he found a way to continue playing center field and was named “all region” in that position. Jerry Quinlan moved to shortstop and the team continued on.

What a magical season it was!

It is with great pride that I introduce the members of the 1965 State Runner-up team. Unfortunately, six of our members on this plaque, are deceased. Coach Bill Houchin, Bob Dorwart, Randall Lewis, Ronnie Stone, and Calvin Davis. We remember them today also.

Here today (please stand and remain standing ) are: Joey Bailey, Austin Byers, Bill Devine, John Eisert, Milton Hughes, Fred Lantz, Tony Murphy, Fred Plahuta, Jerry Quinlan, Keith Thompson and Noel Thompson. Ken Keeling, Leslie Lovett, Paul Newton, Mike Hernandez, Don Beningfield, and Tommy Keene could not make it this week-end.