GoFund.Me page for Ivy plus Academy

Undermatching is a national phenomenon in which high-achieving students do not apply to, or attend the most selective colleges and universities and, as a result, have lower graduation rates, higher student loans, and fewer educational advantages than their equally qualified peers.

At Fern Creek, we seek to support our students and their families in this process and to provide learning opportunities throughout their four years at Fern Creek. Our Ivy Plus students meet frequently with college admissions counselors from all over the country, participate in college visits, are mentored by our staff and alumni, and receive personalized college admission counseling. In turn, they have continued to make us proud, attending some of the most selective schools in the county and generating over 12 million dollars in scholarship money in the last two years of the program.

However, we need help to run this program, which provides waived college application fees, assistance with travel for college visits, expenses associated with our student activities, and even the odd suitcase or two for our college-bound success stories. Your donation will help a student reach his or her full potential and will open doors that many families have never considered an option. Please help us provide these students every opportunity to be excellent and to fulfill our vision of becoming the premier learning community in educating diverse learners.

Click here to donate at the Ivy Plus Academy GoFund.me page.. Fern Creek High School Alumni Association is an IRS 501(c) 3 organization.