Directory Instructions

The Directory is available to all annual and lifetime members of The Alumni Association. Limited access to the Directory is ocassionally available to encourage our alumni to become members of this important organization. With the payment of your membership dues, you will have full access to the Membership Directory.

All Alumni can register, log-in, and update your contact information. This will allow us to provide you with important information and newsletters. The Directory will also help you and your classmates and friends search for and connect with one another.

Keeping your information up-to-date is important even if you choose not to join our Association. It is our way to help you keep up with classmates and your school through our newsletter. The up-to-date information will also allow us to communicate general and class specific news through e-mail updates. Our Fern Creek High School Alumni Association works with specific class representatives, called Class Agents, to obtain information about class reunions and other pertinent information about their class and classmates.

To submit and add your information, go to the Alumni Directory. You will find a form (same for members and non-members). On the form, complete the information requested and then, hit submit. You should immediately receive an e-mail indicating your information has been received and a comparison will be made to assure we have your most current information.

Once you have entered your information into the Directory database, review it and if any changes then or in the future need to be made, make those changes on your previous entry. Do not create a new entry into the existing database.

Be assured, all the information we ask for is school related. We ask you to list your class, indicate any of your activities, and if possible, to provide a recent photo. Your information is only used for alumni related activities and is not shared with anyone else.

Acceptance is not automatic. We perform a human check to assure you really went to Fern Creek High School and that the information you provide is real information and accurate. All of this helps assure your information is only available to group members and not the general public. You have the ability to keep some of your information private, if you prefer to do so.

Information on joining your Fern Creek Alumni Association is here.