2017 Hall of Fame Inductees


2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jasper Thompson was in the class of 1938. He was a 3-sport letterman at Fern Creek and Centre College. After college, he joined the Army in 1941 and flew an L-4 Grasshopper aircraft over battle zones and strategic points of Burma. He received numerous commendations including the Distinguished Flying Cross. 

Jap was a shining member of the greatest generation, a group of stalwart young citizens raised during the great depression, who answered the call of duty when their country needed them.  Jap passed away in 1988.




Captain John McGinty of the class of 1957 wasn’t the best student in high school. He had other things on his mind.  He was fascinated by the Navy’s slogan…Join the Navy and see the world.  But he preferred the Marine’s uniform.  He left FC in 57 to become a US Marine.  He went on the become the highest decorated military veteran who attended FCHS.  He earned the Congressional medal of Honor for his service in Vietnam and his official citation tells the story of his bravery and sacrifice for his men. He was severely wounded eventually losing the sight in one eye that led to his retirement 10 years later.  He passed away in 2014.





Robert “Bob” Redd from the class of 1959 grew up in the Newburg neighborhood and was one of the first African-American students who integrated the school. After high school, he joined the Marines continuing to play basketball and played for the Armed forces team. Later, he received a scholarship from Marshall university to play basketball.  He was a team captain, a double-digit scorer and a springy rebounder. He is a member of their Hall of Fame.

Bob was drafted into the NBA but instead followed opportunities in France. He played for 15 seasons in the French Basketball League. He joined his wife’s family estate winery leading a successful marketing program.  He also opened a bistro and operated it for 12 years until his death in 1999. 



Alan Cooper from the class of 1960 has had a distinguished career as an attorney specializing in intellectual property, such as artworks, books and commercial trademarks and products.  His contributions to the legal profession are well-known in his industry.  His undergraduate and law degrees are from Vanderbilt University

Until his retirement, Alan was an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, teaching trademark and unfair competition law.  He has written articles in trademark issues, the impact of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure11 and ethical rules on trademark practice that have been published in law reviews.





William Long was in the class of 1965.  Bill was a straight A student in high school.  Besides being an outstanding 3 sport athlete and student, he was one of the friendliest students at FCHS. Because of his dedicated performance and character, he had his choice of colleges to attend on scholarship, both academic and athletic.  He chose Vanderbilt where he again excelled as a top student and a two-year starting guard on the football team.  At the University of KY he was recognized with the A B Chandler Award as the top Medical student in his class of 1973.

As a pediatrician, he has received awards noting his professional excellence.  Pediatrics as a career, demonstrates his compassion.  That has always been his best trait.  He has always carried himself with dignity, has maintained his humility and acted kindly, especially to less fortunate folks.




James Lowry was in the class of 1967.  Jim received his degree from UL in commerce and a major in accounting.  He has parlayed his knowledge, skills and creativity to form multiple successful businesses that contribute to the vibrancy of our state and community.

He is best known for his Louisville Mega Cavern. This massive 4 million sq. ft. facility is the largest building in Ky. It houses all of the big Hollywood films, is the largest boat and RV storage facility in KY, the bike park is the largest in the world, it houses the only underground zipline in the world and much more.

But even with all of these exciting activities at the cavern, Jim has found time to volunteer on the boards of Christian Academy for 20 years and Portland Christian School for 8 years and donated his venue to the class of 67’s 50-year reunion.



Pam Pope Wilson was a member of the class of 1967.  Pam used her degrees in education to become one of the most highly respected experts in reading instruction and remedial reading.  She then continued applying her leadership skills in the area of school administration, working side by side the principal at Fern Creek Elementary.  She taught in JCPS for 24 years K-8 then served 8 years as an extended school instructor and for the past 13 years has been a teacher educator at the University of Louisville.

Pam has utilized her skills in all endeavors of community service.  She has had many roles, including that of President of Louisville Kosair Auxiliary and has touched the community in many ways through Shriner events. She has also been a deacon and secretary for her church where she volunteered tireless



Jaime Goldsmith was in the class of 1993.  Jaime was Senior class president and Miss FCHS.  She went to Eastern KY University to obtain a BA degree in education and then a Masters and Rank 1 at UL in school counselling. She started teaching in 1998 and is currently Freshman counselor at Southern High School.  

Jaime has also served her country in the KY Air National Guard where she was selected as an officer candidate and graduated from officer training school before going off to Texas to attend Flight school to become a navigator on the C 130 aircraft. She has been deployed to the Middle East to fly airlift missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom flying into combat zones.  She gave up many months and holidays away from her husband, family and students to proudly serve our great nation.




Gordon Beck III was in the class of 1996 and becomes the youngest of our over 140 inductees since we have been doing this for the last 20 years.

Gordon excelled in the classroom and with athletics while at FCHS and now has excelled in the business world. He is CEO of Diversifies Consultant’s Inc. One of the biggest collection agencies in the world having Fortune 50 clients like AT &T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and many well know national companies.  

Gordon opened up his 4th call center in the US right here in his hometown and will bring 1,000 new jobs for this city.  DCI has offices in Jacksonville, Portland and now Louisville.  

Gordon has received many awards but there is no personal achievement that means more to him than knowing he provides a great place to work for the people he cares most about, his DCI family.  90 of them came her today to pay tribute to his leadership.