Friday night at 5:30 PM we start with our annual Football ‘Tailgate under the Tent’ catered by Mark’s Feed Store in Fern Creek. Our football game with Butler follows at 7 PM.

At 8:30 AM on Saturday the 10th we gather in the school cafeteria for a wonderful breakfast prepared by our student cooking club. The Band will perform and we will conduct a tour of our newly renovated school building.

On Sunday we will gather at Noon for a social time together before having lunch at 12:45 PM at Wildwood Country Club. The MCJROTC color guard will again present the colors during our ceremony.

Did you miss the annual 50’s club lunch at Wildwood Country Club?

You missed seeing:

Homecoming 2015 September 25-27


Alumni Breakfast

Dr. Donna Hargens

JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens joined Fern Creek alums at all three Homecoming events in September, taking the opportunity to spend time with Principal Nathan Meyer, Alumni Association Secretary Joey Bailey and about 150 attendees.


“The friendships made in high school are often among the most meaningful and long-lasting relationships in our lives,” Dr. Hargens said. “Fern Creek’s alumni group is very active and supportive of the high school and I enjoyed spending time with both former acquaintances and new friends at this year’s reunion.”

 Fifties Club Luncheon

The annual Fifties Club luncheon was held at noon at Wildwood Country Club on Thursday May 28, 2015.

Fern Creek High School 50’s Club

Lord, You are the One who scatters us and gathers us, who
disperses even the faithful and calls the remnant home, who sends us forth and reunites us.

Today, alumni of Fern Creek High School have come together to remember our youth and to celebrate fifty-year-old friendships.

We give you thanks for the experience that unites us, the common orange and black thread which is woven in the very fabric of our lives.

We remember friends who unite with You this afternoon in a heavenly hall, and ask that You continue to bless us by the memories we share and their families by the legacies they leave.

We give thanks for those who served you by placing their very lives on the line in defense of our nation and for those who dedicated their lives to Your cause of peace.

We are grateful for the dedication of teachers and educators who made us want to be better, challenged us to think more deeply, and nurtured us to becoming the people we are today…

For the W.K Nimans who taught us respect by his example…

For the Barbara Maurers who taught us to appreciate art and architecture and even a seemingly “dead” language…

For the Mary Morrisons and Emily Laukhufs who led us to think more concretely and to ask questions…

For the Bill Klaphekes who disciplined us even when it made no sense…

For the Marianne Moores and George Yankeys who gently guided our life decisions…

For the Estil Roberts who kept the building clean and taught us to take pride in a place…

For the Margaret Ripleys and Iris Specks who led us to appreciate books and the knowledge of the ages…

For the Martha Jays and Tom Walkers who taught us to sing and play music and to recognize the songs in our own hearts…

For the Linda Stoltz’, Eva Suddeths and Mrs. Collins’ who challenged us to explore the written word and to learn how to express our ideas…

For all those who educated us.

And we thank you for the members of the 50’s Club…

For the laughter and the tears of fifty years…
For pep rallies and homecomings, dances and floats, athletic contests and concerts, pranks and plays, cruising on Friday nights and dates…

For all the excitement we experienced as youth, for the lessons learned as adults, and for the memories that will give us roses even in the Decembers of our lives…

Bless us now as we walk through the hallways of our minds and continue to use us in Your service.




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Greetings from the Fern Creek High School Alumni Association Committee

Membership Form


For more information:

Call the Alumni Office (502-500-4830) and leave your name and contact information or email


Welcome to the Fern Creek High School Alumni Association

No one knows what a special place Fern Creek is better than its former students. The Fern Creek High School Alumni Association is one of the strongest and most active alumni organizations for a public high school in the country.

We have more than 15,000 alumni and many of them are dues-paying members of the Alumni Association. This loyal and active group has given more than $1 million to support the school with everything from student and teacher scholarships, to the ACT Up! program to prepare students for college testing, to funding a Guitar and Piano Lab for our music program. The Alumni Association hosts a variety of events each year such as the Fifties Club lunch, an all-class reunion barbeque, the Alumni Breakfast and the Hall of Fame Lunch during Homecoming, and much more.

If you attended Fern Creek High School, we encourage you to get involved. Help us help our students….and have a lot of fun remembering your days at the Creek!

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  1. Loved playing sports at FCHS- intramural through senior year. Loved music with Glenna Wesley Hall’s class, then Mrs. Jays Chorus class. Art classes with the red-haired teacher, Mrs. O’Mara. Enjoyed football games, (and actually watching our Tiger guys play)! Most of all, glad I grew up at FCHS in the era I did….61 through 67!

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